"Buy Right the First Time and Only Cry Once"

February 14, 2020

When I was deciding whether or not to join the Stitch-It team to offer custom womenswear....my first call was to my friend Tina Adams.  Tina has hundreds of loyal clients that trust her with their closets and their yearly clothing budgets.  I had to know from her - Are blazers still in?  How do you buy the right one?  What do you look for in a Blazer?  What do people spend on a good blazer?  

"Absolutely blazers are in, I have tons of them" - Tina Adams

I thought it would be fun to invite you all to a re-creation of that conversation.  And have it documented in pictures so you can see (for all you visual learners) and hear what she has to say.

Tina ALWAYS recommends her clients have at least 1 blazer.  The blazer is the finisher - the 3rd layering piece to pull your look together.  Tina recommends each of her clients have a blazer.  It is that crucial layering piece.


The first thing I noticed when I pulled out all of Tina's blazers was that they were all neutrals.  "If you are only going to get one, it needs to be a light neutral in the tan/ivory family or a charcoal.  If you go with an off white, beige, or tan - texture is a MUST or you may make the mistake of your blazer looking too much like a school boy khaki uniform"

Tina recommends that if you wear a lot of jewel tones, then invest in a charcoal blazer.  "When buying charcoal, you don't HAVE to have texture.  I like textured charcoal, but it isn't necessary.  Charcoal looks great with all primary colors and jewel tones - whereas black can sometimes look a little dated with bright colors.  AND - you can wear charcoal with blacks and browns".  These are a few of her favorite charcoals.

Now, I love the sophisticated look of neutrals...but I had to ask...do you EVER recommend someone doing a fun plaid for a blazer?  Look where I am coming from...I have sold LOUD fun prints for so many years...and I have enjoyed my bold tartan blazer and pants a ton in just the short time I've owned it.  Tina answered, "Solid neutrals are safer.  There is such a fine line between a plaid or a print coming off as grandpa or cool.  Plaids and prints can be a risky purchase, and you don't always get as much cost per wear out of them."  But we both think that if you love wearing pattern, pairing it with jeans always looks sharp.

My personal favorite way to wear a blazer is with jeans. Sometimes I'll wear one over a dress. But I love a great blazer with my denim. - Tina Adams

The cut of the blazer is something Tina always looks at when helping her clients choose the right one.  "Look for a blazer with one button because it is more flattering.  Another thing I pay attention to is the skirt of the blazer." 

What do we mean by the "skirt of the blazer"? The skirt refers to the shape of the hemline.

The one on the left has a straight skirt, which makes it look boxy. The middle one has a cut-away skirt. The one on the right is a rounded skirt.  ALWAYS look for the cut-away or rounded skirt.   

I quickly took my blazers and had Stitch-It alter them to give them rounded hems.  They look a ZILLION times better.  

So then I had to ask Tina about the oversized blazer look I'm seeing everywhere, like these big, boxy blazers over teensy dresses and shorts.  Tina added, "I did a closet clean-out of my own and removed all the oversized and boxy blazers.  I'm a believer in good fitting classics.  My job is to make my clients feel pulled-together and polished.  The way to do that is to make sure your clothes fit properly." 

My last question to her was about budget.  Custom blazers at Stitch-It start at $675 and go up from there.  What are women willing to spend on a good blazer?  "I can find a blazer in any price range.  You don't get the same quality or experience as you do with a custom fit.  What I love about your blazers are the luxurious fabrics, the linings, the buttons.  And having a custom-made blazer insures a proper fit everywhere."

She ended that with a classic Tina comment, "Buy right the first time and only cry once".

Till next time ladies!  xo, Suzanne 


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