Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect

January 31, 2020

Last week I pissed my husband off.  I was telling him about something that happened at work that day and I was being kind-of dramatic (imagine that).  Of course, at the time I didn't see it that way.  The conversation somehow got flipped and the next thing I know I was questioning his work commission breakdown.  He abruptly left angrily and went to bed.  I just sat there at the table trying to replay the conversation to see how it ended up the way it did. 

As I recounted the conversation, I could see how I AGAIN over-reacted.  This issue of over-reacting is usually accompanied by my other annoying habit of my face tensing up and speaking loudly (some people MAY call this yelling).  Both of these bad habits stem from impatience.  I think I have always been this way, I am just quicker to realize it now because I am aware of it and find myself apologizing and trying to continually work on it. 

There is no perfect person.  We may all feel we have character flaws that need work.  We were purposely made imperfect.  Imperfections make us stronger.   Imperfections are meant to humble us. Without imperfections, we wouldn't have the gift of forgiveness. Without our imperfections, we would not be in constant communication with God to provide unconditional love and guidance in our journey to Him. 

Similarly, we are all physically made perfectly imperfect as well.  I love the fact that "God made you and God doesn't make mistakes".  I say this to myself in the mirror a lot, and I have said it a few times when JB has cut himself down.  This is a great way to shut down that voice that tries to tell you differently.  Knowing you were made in His likeness, even the features you don't like, is weirdly comforting.  

What is also comforting is that no one sees you like you the way you see yourself, especially the people around you that love you the most.  We are our own worst critic.

Remember that Dove Campaign where the moms described themselves to a forensic artist and then their daughters described their moms to the artist and how VERY differently the pictures came out?  If you want to cry, watch it here.  

We all have certain physical features that we like to highlight.  My hilarious sister-in-law once said, "She might be skinnier than me, but I've got pretty hair".   And she does.  She has great hair, eyes that sparkle, a smile that warms a room, great curves, and gets the best tan ever.  Highlighting your best feature with proper fit has always been something that I loved to do for people.

I enjoy being your trusted and educator to help highlight all your best features with the right style and fabric.  Providing a fit that is proper to someone who typically never gets to experience it will always be the "thing" that makes me tick. 

I am missing that "perfect" clever close right here, but I am okay with that.

Cheers perfectly imperfect friends,

xo, Suzanne


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