Road Less Traveled

Road Less Traveled

June 12, 2020

What does it mean to walk the road less traveled?  And the narrow gate? And what about that saying that it is harder for a rich man to enter the gates of heaven than to fit through the eye of a needle?  Does this mean that if we are prosperous in our careers that we can’t also go to heaven?... That would be a bummer.

These sayings had always confused me.  But, because versions of these sayings are repeated over and over in books, social media posts and on motivational posters – I knew that there HAD to be truth to them. 

So what does it mean?  I have concluded that it means when you are making a decision (big or small) - the road less traveled is the one that requires more patience and personal growth.  If you are a religious person, the road less traveled forces you to peel back and remove the things that cause you to sin in our life.  Like pride, lust, anger, selfishness, greed, impatience.  The narrow road is the road that requires the hard work of stripping these sins from your life. This path less traveled is the purification process to prime yourself to fit through that skinny eye of the needle.  

Those that are on the road more traveled are able to rationalize why this was their best route to go.  But when you pull the layers one by one by repeatedly asking the question “why” over and over…one will discover that it was in fact the route of less resistance.  There was less personal development necessary on that route.  The answers to the "whys" often reveal the desire to achieve more wealth, prestige or power.  

When I reflect on Sevier Skirts and ask myself the “whys”; this is what I got:

"Because I wanted to scale the company. Because I wanted to sell more skirts. Because I wanted to make more money. Because I wanted to prove myself. Because I wanted to be a success story. Because I wanted to afford a big house and nice vacations.  Because it would make our home more happy."

When it came to me doing custom, I would say all the time, "God gave me this and he obviously wants me to do something big with it".  I thought that because I worked from dawn to midnight that I was on the "road less traveled".  In actuality, I was on the path that made me more impatient, more resentful, more prideful, and less grateful. My epiphany was that the "narrow path" has NOTHING to do with career choice. It is just simply responding to the call to live a life of holiness: a life of truth and goodness.

I have an incredible sister that inspires me every day to strive to be a better person. She has this saying that if everyone else is in a yacht, that you need to find your canoe.  This “canoe” is the “narrow path”.  She says if you find yourself in the canoe, you are most likely following God’s calling. 

My sister says to jump off the yacht, climb in a canoe and start paddling.  In the end, those in the canoe will find what they are searching for: a sense of contentment, joy and happiness.  Those in the yacht think that they have found these things – but will always have a level of unrest and emptiness that they are longing to fill.  Paddling the canoe can be difficult at times and people in the yacht may think you’re crazy.  But she says to hold tight and weather the storm, that it’s the road to true happiness.

The week previous to Covid closing down Nashville, I spoke with my boss at Stitch-It about how I couldn't shake the feeling that I want to start making and selling my skirts and dresses again.  I asked if I could still sell his beautiful custom women's blazers and women's suiting and I especially wanted the opportunity to offer his custom menswear packages to my customer base as well.  I wanted to bring back my skirt and dress styles and my fabrics as well.  He was all for it!  So here you go!

Here's a link to the unbelievable savings you can have with our menswear packages!

Women's blazers and suitings are 20-25% off through June!  The most luxurious fabrics we offer are on promotion and you and have a blazer or suit made.  This is Lauren Daigle in one of those fabrics that are 20% off until the end of June.

Bamboo has quickly become the most desirable custom-wear fabric due to its silk-like weave and has the sheen and feel of cashmere.  Bamboo is on sale right now until the end of the month!  You can have a custom dress or skirt made in bamboo.

I plan to continue the blogging because it feels good when I do it.  As someone who struggles tremendously with communication, it has been a great exercise for me.  It also requires for me to stay diligent in my morning readings which has been necessary for people to want to be around me!!  I am hoping if I do all these things that I won't fall out of the darn canoe :)

Let me know if I can help you on any alterations on your Sevier Skirts OR if you would like to have a new skirt, dress, blazer or suit made!

xo, Suzanne


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