Sales and Smiles

Sales and Smiles

February 26, 2020

When taking pictures for the blog, I depend on the guys at work to help take these pics for me.  To make me laugh, one picked up a fan to make my hair blow and the other tried to get me to smile by getting me to picture my family on a picnic eating on a blanket.  As the non-nature girl I am, that totally made me laugh because I couldn't think of anything more horrible than flicking ants off the blanket and swatting at flies.  

What does make me smile? A good sale.

In the custom world - sales don't happen often.  If one of our fabric mills discounts some of their fabrics, then we get to extend this promotion to our customers.

Our favorite mill has put about 100 fabrics on sale, and there are soooo many good ones.  These are a few of my personal favorites for the men out there. 

Think how SHARP a crisp white shirt would look with these pants?  And how handsome your man would look in a sport coat in any of the below with jeans or cords.

Surprise him by bringing us his best fitting suit and we can pull the measurements from it to make him his custom made suit.  Any alterations are complimentary and are done onsite.  The mens sale suits and sport coats are $300 to $500 off. 

Now - for the ladies.  Menswear fabrics are beautiful, but I have curated a sampling of my favorites especially for the ladies. 


This silvery-gray and white plaid would make a gorgeous blazer.  You can wear with white or dark denim.  You can wear with a gray, black, ivory, pink, navy or camel skirt, pant or dress.

This fabric is dense in weight.  It feels like cashmere.  It is 80% wool, 20% silk.  100% heaven.







This is the suit fabric I am wearing in all the pics.  It belongs to my co-worker Wouter and I love this fabric.  He wears the pants with a burnt orange bamboo blazer and he wears the jacket with jeans and cords.  Worn as a suit is sharp. 

50% super wool, 38% silk, 12% linen.  The linen is needed to give it that beautiful weave and gives it definition. 


This light periwinkle blue is polished and elegant.  It would make a stunning skirt suit for spring. This lovely Italian fabric is 75% wool, 15% silk, 10% linen.  The linen provides that nice cross weave of white that is speckled within and adds depth and richness to the fabric.  The blazer would look stunning paired with ivory, white, tan, oatmeal or charcoal.  How about paired with those white jeans this spring?





This raspberry check has cross colors of navy and black.  It pairs beautifully with black, navy or denim.  It is a year round weight and is a great choice for the women out there that look great in color.  It is 100% Italian wool and so buttery soft you may wear it in the place of your silk pajamas!







Buttery soft Italian Super Wool 130's in gorgeous plaids, checks and solids ON SALE.... now that brings a smile.



xoxo, Suzanne









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