The Power of a ByProduct

The Power of a ByProduct

January 16, 2020

A blazer won't make you happy.  However, it WILL make you feel powerful when you walk into a room.  It will help you hold an audience's attention when making a presentation.  It will make you feel edgy and sexy while wearing it.

There is NO DOUBT a great blazer will make you feel happy while you wear it.  But what about true lasting happiness? 

I asked my son this morning before school what makes him feel happy.  He didn't mention video games, he said being with you and dad.  I agreed with him.  Since joining Stitch-It, I bet I have heard my boss say a dozen times that we are not in the business to sell suits, we are in the business to build relationships.  My boss Jeff calls suit sales the "byproduct".  

Here I am, 45 years old and in the process of reducing all the clutter.  This clutter pulled me from a relationship with God and the consequence of that effected relationships with those I love.  I am in pursuit of lasting joy that I know can only come from 1 true source.  My relationship with God has in turn, enriched all the other relationships and areas of my life.   Skeptical? 




I have seen this play out in my life.  When my husband used to travel for work, it used to make things easier for me.  Isn't that terrible?  My husband left today for a week of duck hunting and I am wondering how I am going to get through the week without him. 







I always have been close to my parents, but the more work I have put into my relationship with God the richer my relationship with my parents becomes. 


I have several new friendships I would have never made time to build a year ago.  These relationships have filled me with great joy.

So YES, a great blazer will make you happy when you wear it.  And every time you slip it on in a cold restaurant, office or airplane, it will bring all those great feelings.  This blazer will be the beautiful byproduct of our relationship.

xo, Suzanne

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