The White Blazer - It is Here to Stay

The White Blazer - It is Here to Stay

January 08, 2020

I can hear you....  I hear you thinking "Whaaa?? Suzanne, it is January and you want me to think about a white blazer?" YES. 

Because you can wear it NOW (yes now) and enjoy for the next 10 months. 

It is a new year, a new decade, a time for fresh starts...and white is perfect color to represent a new beginning.  Wearing white in seasons when it used to be a taboo feels really dang cool too.  It makes you feel like a trend setter even if you feel like the farthest from it.  

So, finding the perfect white or off-white blazer is not the easiest task.  

  1. Fabric Quality - is it opaque enough?  Is the quality one that withstands season after season?  Is it the right shade of white, milky white, or ivory?
  2. Proper Fit - To clear your bust, the shoulders may have you looking like a line-backer.  Sleeve, jacket length and fullness in the body of the jacket maybe a few fit issues women find when shopping blazers. 
  3. The Right Detailing - This is referring to the buttons, lapel, pockets.  This also applies to trend detailing like cold shoulders or ribbon laced up the back or sides (which I am voting a NO on)

And for ALL the criteria above is why I want you to consider having your perfect white blazer made for you by yours truly.  It will save you time searching for one online, which you will turn around and return anyway.  It will save you time running from store to store in search of a white blazer only to find ones that have shiny gold grommets down the sides. 

We make buying your custom blazer easy, especially if you live in Nashville.  If you DON'T live in Nashville, the process is still easy, but I would want to fill you in on how it is done over a phone call.  

And not beat a dead horse (which Bart says I do ALL THE TIME) but if you buy a blazer that needs to be altered - you may find yourself spending over $100 on shortening sleeves or taking it in down the back.  With our custom sales, all tweaks are covered and honored for 30 days, and they are rushed. 


Our custom blazers start at $675.  My favorite ones are $895 - which will rock your world.  I am working on the finishing details on my new ivory suit that I can't wait to show you (and that I cannot wait to wear).

xoxo, Suzanne 

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