With Change Came Growth

With Change Came Growth

December 31, 2019

In May 2019, I closed Sevier Skirts.  For 15 years, my business defined me.  It made me feel confident when it was successful and made me feel like a failure when it was struggling.  Work determined if I was in a good mood or bad mood.  It was how I was introduced to people, and how I introduced myself.  In fact, our son JB thought we had different last names for the longest time, his being Rowland and mine being Sevier Skirts because all he heard me say for years was "This is Suzanne with Sevier Skirts"

 Closing the company in May 2019 wasn't as hard as you would think though when it finally happened.  I knew it was coming for some time and all the tears have been cried out.  I can't tell you how many times I would sit at my counter with my head in my hands bawling my eyes out.  How many times Bart heard me say "It's over" but I turn around 24 hours later and decide to keep going explaining that he "just doesn't understand".  Countless times I would show up at my parents kitchen table with my financial statements asking "Dad, what now?"  

Closing the chapter on Sevier Skirts opened up a new chapter in my life.  I am a different person than I was 365 days ago.  I can confidently say I am a better person.  I am a happier person.  I've committed to living a life of faith in God as opposed to a life of hope in myself.  I can slowly feel the years of anxiety release from my face and shoulders.

This is JB at work with me this past summer cutting out patterns for me to get the last of my skirt orders out.  At this time, it was just myself and my wonderful friend and seamstress Amal.



Going from my small business to another like Stitch-It (which has a tight team of 11) has been a nice transition.  I couldn't imagine how hard it would have been to go from my situation to a big company where I would be just "an employee".  At Stitch-It, we look after and care for each other. 

We pray for each others families.  We have met each others spouses and children and ask about them each morning.  We come from very different places with different political beliefs and religious practices, but we come together every Monday with a 30 minute reflection and prayer, led by the boss. The support and love at Stitch-It is unique, and I know does not exist in a lot of professional settings.  

I am looking forward to see what 2020 brings.  I can't wait to write about the resurgence of 60's fashion in the spring 2020 runway shows and collections. 

 I can't wait to talk about how wide lapels on blazers are soooo fly.  I especially can't wait to test out cropped pants with wide cuffs.  Outside of the fun that clothes and trends bring, I am looking forward to strengthening my faith even deeper, sharing it with anyone who will listen, and spreading love and goodness anyway I can. 

I wish all of you a peaceful and joyful 2020.

xo, Suzanne

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