"Your Way Isn't Always the BEST Way"

December 04, 2019

I never would have described myself as someone who was "stuck in their ways".  I thought I was open minded because I was impartial to dinner ideas or what font should be used on marketing materials.  But when it comes to things I care deeply about...like the best way to prep our dyslexic son for Friday's tests...I was the most hard-headed, set-in-my-ways type of person.

So, having this realization about myself has been front and center this past month. 

My husband Bart (whom I never trusted to tutor our son JB) started picking him up from school and working with him instead of me.  JB's grades went up 20% in the last 2 weeks. They start earlier than I could on homework so it is completed before JB hits his "wall".  I am less stressed, my husband is now the hero, and the house has been a much much happier place!

The news of being "set in my ways" became very apparent when joining Stitch-It this past fall.  I thought I could do things "their way" and just jump right in.  But it was really, really hard for me.  If ANYONE knows how to best deliver a custom garment to a woman it would be ME, right????  I unknowingly fought this in the beginning.  I wanted to use my past resources and connections to speed up delivery, alter costs, or increase selection.  I felt that I would bring more "value" to the team by bringing all my knowledge with me.  However, each time I did, it backfired.  Either the product got stuck in customs, the quality of the fabric was not acceptable, or I ended up costing my boss more time and money by me not adhering to the process.  My Stitch It family was patient and they patiently waited til I was ready to open up.

Soooo, after a little humbling and a handful of sales, I NOW see why the "Stitch-It Way" of proven tailoring is a better way.  In the Stitch-It Way, a customer comes to their initial appointment with an idea of what she wants or needs.  We show her fabrics that replicate that look.  We discuss styling, fit and take measurements.  Off she goes until her final fitting.

Some women are unsure of what will flatter their shape the best.  In which case, I am here to guide.  Others know exactly what their fit preferences are, and we can duplicate that fit for them.  Yes, we can copy the fit of your favorite skirt, pant or jacket.

I started to think about all those years that I mailed out skirts to my customers and they wish it fit a little differently.  Maybe the length was all wrong, or maybe she had to wear certain tops to conceal the imperfect fit.  It could be shop error, it could be fit error, or it could be that she lost or gained a few pounds since the fitting.  Regardless, my customers could have paid for this "custom" product when it never felt "custom". 


At Stitch-It, we offer a final fitting.  At this time our customers can make any adjustments to the fit.  Our In-house seamstresses are able to rush those alterations for you to approve and take it home within a few days.

The common thread between my old company Sevier Skirts and Stitch-It is that pleasing our customers is our motivator.  We love to make people feel good about how they look in their clothing.  I found the Stitch-It Way is the SURE way to guarantee that happiness.  Tailoring your custom garment on the tail-end is that extra step that ensures YOU feel and look great in your new suit, blazer, pant or skirt. 

Isn't that a better way?  I think so too.

Love, Suzanne   

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