Chuck Ivory

The Chuck Ivory Fabric is the best off-white skirt EVER! It is machine washable so you never have to worry about ruining your skirt. Just stain treat it and toss it in the wash.  We prewash and dry the fabric before cutting out your skirt so you can wash it at home.

The Chuck Ivory skirt is versatile, fresh, and polished. Pairs very well with most any style of top or blouse. Dress this up with a pair of statement heels or dress down with a tall boot!  This skirt is dynamite in the winter with burgundy, navy, plum, black, beige, chocolate or jewel-tones.  It is equally as dynamite in the summer (because you can wash it as much as your heart desires) and pair it with tank tops and t-shirts with your sandals and flip flops.  It is known to be the top 3 favorite skirts of Sevier Skirt owners who have 20+ skirts.  

This skirt is fully lined with a silky ivory lining that won't cling to tights or shape wear.  It is fully opaque.  No panty lines will be visible.

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