Fit Questions

I am unsure of my size. What should I do?
If you haven't bought clothes in a long while, you may be unsure of what your size is. Think of what sizes you would pull from a retail store to try on in the dressing room. It may be good to take a look in your closet to see what you have been wearing comfortably over the last few weeks. If you only have only bought S, M, L, XL lately and really don't know where to begin...call us! The shop number is ALL OVER the website.
Where is the skirt supposed to sit around my waist?
The skirt should be sit at your waist where you are most comfortable. This location is typically near or around the belly button. The shorter or curvier you are, the closer to the belly button your waistline will be. If you are longer waisted and like your clothing to sit low and off your stomach, it can sit 1-1.5 inches below your belly button.
What should I do if my skirt shifts up or twists when I walk or sit down?
This typically means that either the waist or the hip is too small, causing your skirt to kick up off your waist or hips. You will need to simply take a picture of your skirt shifting up from the front, side, and back then text these to the shop (615-504-8785). From here we will recall your skirt to make the proper alterations to fix the shifting or twisting issues. We will then record your new measurements for future orders.
Can I add additional tapering at the hem of my skirt?
Yes, you can! When placing your order there is a notes section. Just let us know if you would like any special tapering!
I am plus size and buy larger than an 18. Can you make me a skirt?
You bet we can! Our Fit Kits have a range of sizes which go up to a 56" Hip. If you are greater than a 56" hip you will want to make an appointment to come into the shop.  Whether you live in the greater Nashville area or are just in town for a visit, you can contact us to schedule a fitting at the studio- we can take all the measurements we need to make your custom skirt!
How does the length work?
When you try on the Fit Skirt, it is hemmed closely to where someone of your height would generally expect your skirt length to be. From the Fit Skirt, you can sit in a chair and walk around to see if we have overshot or undershot your ideal length. When Suzanne calls to review your kit, just let her know to raise or shorten and by how much.
If I bought my own fabric, can you make me a skirt?
Sevier Skirts has an ever-growing assortment of beautiful fabrics and only make skirts from the fabrics sourced by our team. We do understand though, the importance of touching and seeing up-close the materials. To get a better idea of the fabrics you can choose from, request a FREE Swatch Kit today! 
Can I have a skirt made for my daughter who is hard to fit?
You bet! Often times teenage and preteen fit nicely into our skirts. You may find it easier to be directed by Suzanne when shopping for someone else, so just call the shop number on the website!
What does shape have to do with fit?
Shape has everything to do with fit! If someone is shaped with no hips, but is wearing a skirt made for someone that has hips, it will be unflattering and not show off her best asset which is her small tush and good legs. Same goes for the customer that is curvy and has hips. If she wears a skirt that does not have room for her hips, the skirt will be tight across the lap and shift up and twist. 

Alterations & Exchange Questions

I need an alteration. What do I do?
You have a 30-day window for free alterations!
There is an alteration link on the website which will guide you through the simple alteration process.
I just received my skirt and I am unhappy with the fit or fabric. What do I do?
You have a 30-day window from the receipt of your order to receive free alterations or exchanges.
Are alterations free?
We offer free alterations (and pay for the shipping to and from) for the first 30 days that you receive your skirt!
I have lost/gained weight and my skirt no longer fits properly, will you alter my skirt?
We will gladly alter your skirt for a fee. Alterations range between $25 to $50 dollars for skirts outside the 30 day window.
I love the fit of my skirt but am unhappy with the fabric, can I pick a different fabric?
Of course! Exchanges are offered on fabric when requested within our 30-day window! Just email the shop and let us know so we can recall your skirt and issue you a store credit.
How long does it take to receive a replacement skirt?
If we made the error, we will rush your replacement. If a customer would like to exchange because she changed her mind on the style or fabric of her skirt, it can take up to one month for the replacement to ship.
Can I receive a refund if I do not want to try on the FitSkirt?
If Sevier Skirts has mailed your FitSkirt or FitBox, we will deduct the cost of the shipping from your refund.
What address do I mail my skirt to get an alteration or exchange?
You can mail your skirt to
Sevier Skirts
5225 Harding Place
Nashville, TN 37217
If it is within the 30-day window, shipping will be on us.

Shipping Questions

How long will it take to receive my skirt?
It takes Sevier Skirts up to 1 Month to custom-make your skirt and ship your order. Shipping usually takes 2-4 business days when shipped within the United States.
Can you update me on the status of my order?
Yes, just email support@sevierskirts.com or call/text to 615-504-8785. We will get right back to you with the status of your order. 
Can I cancel my order if it hasn't shipped?
If we haven't shipped your skirt, you can cancel to receive store credit or exchange for a different skirt or fabric.
If you would like to cancel your order to receive store credit or exchange, please call 615-250-2456 or email support@sevierskirts.com.
Once your skirt ships, you will have to wait until you receive the skirt and then return it to us to process an exchange or store credit.
The tracking number says my skirt is delivered, however, I can’t find my skirt. What do I do?
After your skirt leaves our shop, it is the responsibility of the courier service to safely deliver it to your front door or mailbox. If the address you provided us matches the address on the tracking and you fear your skirt has been misplaced during shipment, please contact the courier’s customer service number and begin a claim.
My skirt was delivered to the wrong address, what should I do?
If you find that the address we shipped to is not the same as the shipping address you provided us at purchase, we will quickly replace your skirt and ship to the address you provided us. If the address you provided us was incorrect, you will need to begin a claim with the courier service to have your skirt re-directed to your home. If your Sevier Skirt is mistakenly shipped to the incorrect address, we will make sure to track down and retrieve the package in order to get your skirt to you as quickly as possible.
My skirt is lost in the mail, what do I do?
If you fear your skirt was not delivered correctly to your home or if your package was taken from your front porch or mailbox, it is best to call the courier service and begin a claim.
How can I track my order?
At the time of shipment, you will receive an email with your tracking information. It typically takes a few hours for it to register online (usually when it is scanned at the first stop) for you to see a tracking history.
How come I can't pull up any info when I go to track my order?
Tracking numbers can take a few hours from the time they are generated to become active on www.ups.com, USPS, or www.fedex.com. If you have tried to track a package that you have just received a shipment notification email about, try waiting until later in the evening to track it again. Often, tracking numbers will not become active until a package has reached one of the larger shipping hubs, which can take a few hours.
Can I change the delivery address for my order?
If you have not received a shipping notification email, you most certainly can change your shipping address. Call as soon as you can to let us know! 615-250-2456.
If I ordered multiple skirts, will they all ship together?
Yes, we will ship your orders together if they are purchased within 7-10 business days of each other.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship international orders first class mail, though it may take up to 3 weeks to be delivered. Sevier Skirts is not responsible for lost or damaged items in transit. Buyer is responsible for all customs/import charges.
Am I responsible for paying customs fees when my order arrives in my country?
Yes, the customer is responsible for all customs/import charges and will be added on after the package has been sent by the customs agencies of the sending and receiving countries.

Past Customer Questions

I am an existing customer of Sevier Skirts and have purchased in the past. Do you have a record of my past measurements?
Yes! We have a record of the past skirts and dresses we have sold you as well as the measurements attached to each item. We can use the measurements on future Sevier Skirt orders. 
Do you offer dresses anymore?
We do not offer dresses at this time but do plan to bring them back in 2019.
Will you alter my past purchases from Sevier Skirts?
Yes, please make sure to call or send us an email so we can get it started. Alterations on skirts older than 30 days range between $25 to $50 and take 25-30 business days to complete. You will be responsible for shipping.

Private Appointment Questions

I am in the Nashville area and would prefer to place an order in person, is this possible?
Yes! We love meeting our customers. Just call or email the studio to set an appointment at your home or office or at our shop.
Where is Sevier Skirts located?
We are located in Antioch area of Nashville off the 1-24/Harding Place exit. The location is very close to the Nashville Airport.
Do you have store hours?
Not really, the seamstresses are there during the day; however, a salesperson may not be there to assist a walk-in customer. It is best to schedule an appointment before popping in.

Gift Card Questions

I have a gift card but have misplaced it. Do you keep a record of gift cards?
Yes, we can look up your gift card so you can use it!
For gift card inquiries, please call 615-250-2456 or email support@sevierskirts.com and to let us know your full name, about how long you have had the gift certificate, who purchased it, and a way for us to get back in touch with you.
I have a gift card but do not know the balance, can you help me?
Yes, we can typically find that information with a little digging. Just call 615-250-2456 and let us get to work and get you some answers.
My gift card isn’t working on the website, can you help me?
If you have had your gift card for some time, it may have been issued prior to the launch of our new Sevier Skirts website. It is best to call 615-250-2456 or email support@sevierskirts.com and let us reissue you another GC with the amount that is left on it.
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