Step 1 | Find your new favorite skirt

Select the fabric you love, click 'I'm new' or 'I need to be refit', and check out. Once you've completed your purchase, just fill out the Measurement form and press submit.

Step 2 | Receive your FitSkirt

Try on the skirt provided. 

If the fit is perfect, let us know so we can get to work on your new skirt.

Not perfect? No worries!

Just snap a picture of yourself and send to the number / email provided.  We will know from just looking at the picture where it is too big or too snug and how to make it fit perfectly.

Step 3 | We make your skirt

After we hammer out your measurements in step 2, we document your perfect measurements into our database that we can refer to for future orders

You will receive your custom skirt within 10-14 business days after completion of Step 2.

(We can now alter your Sevier Skirts that no longer fit perfectly based on your new pattern!)

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