Our Process at Stitch-It & Co.
5 Steps to Fit and Fabric Perfection

Step 1.
Come with an idea with what you are looking for. Did you see something on social media that you liked or on a website or magazine? Snap a pic of it on your phone to show us.

Step 2.
We select your fabric and garment. No decision YET on length, how fitted you should go, or how wide the pant should be.  All those details are hammered out in step 4 at your first fitting.

Step 3.
We get a few measurements from you, and off you go.  We will be in touch in 5-6 weeks.

Step 4.
Time for your 1st Fitting!! Yippee!!!!
When your suit arrives, we will call you in for your first fitting. This is where we make the fit of the pant, skirt and jacket EXACTLY how you like it. Bring along shoes, because this is where pant and skirt length are decided.

Step 5.
We alter your garment in-house as a rush.
(We have full service alterations in house)   You will try it on one last time to make sure everything feels and looks great.  We record all changes in your profile so that your 2nd time around will be smooth sailing.

Shape Guide
Size Guide