Custom Fits Your Shape

If a skirt isn't cut to fit your shape, it will be uncomfortable and unflattering.

An apple size 10 and a pear size 10 can't comfortably wear the same skirt. The mass majority of retail clothing is not meant everyone perfectly.  

An apple is left with a skirt that squeezes her waistline and is way too full in her hips and legs, which makes her look like she's wearing a potato sack. A pear or  is left with a skirt that pulls across her hips and shifts up, gaps open at the waist, and twists.

Size Can Be Confusing

Size can be confusing for many reasons. Maybe your body has shifted. Maybe you haven't purchased in a long time. Maybe nothing you buy in stores really ever fit well. Maybe you've only bought knits in S,M,L,XL for a few years.

This is why we at Sevier Skirts don't believe in sizes. We only ask what you wear in which brands in order to get to a starting point when selecting the right FitSkirt to mail you. We'll build your custom measurement profile from the best fitting skirt you try on in the FitBox.

Length Preference

Women are specific about their lengths for a plethora of reasons. They can either love or loathe their legs, so being able to choose your length preference is so key in custom. A professional attire may dictate where the hem must be.  Our height (petite or tall) often make finding the right length difficult. Desiring a trendy length while being hard to fit also makes it all but impossible to find what you're looking for.

Length matters.

Your Time is Valuable

Running from store to store without success, or spending hours ordering online only to mail most of it back, is valuable time wasted. Sevier Skirts keeps your exact measurements on file allowing you the freedom and confidence to order whenever you want.  

Shopping for new skirts will never be easier!

Beautifully Unique, High Quality Fabrics

Sevier Skirts offers unique novelty fabrics that are carefully selected to bring versatility and LIFE to your wardrobe.  Most of the fabrics are sourced from Western European Mills that offer gorgeous brocades and wovens that will become your key wardrobe staples for years. Women are harder to fit on the bottom than they are on top...that's why we recommend investing in classic pieces for your lower half and trendy colors or details on top.

Ask Away!

If you have a question about your shape, size, length, fabrics, style or skirts in general, send it to us and we will get back to you right away.

Text or call us at 615-504-8785 and we'll help you answer any questions you may have. You can also email

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