Monogrammed Mask

Monogrammed masks are PERFECT if you find you are constantly losing your masks to friends and family borrowing them.  Be sure to get it back to its rightful owner when you have it monogrammed!  It is ideal for children going back to school or for special events when a printed mask or surgical mask doesn't work.  It is also a fantastic gift for someone you love or for yourself because it is THAT darn cute!

The mask is 2 layers.  The outside layer is 100% in a fabric of your choice.  Select from 2 fonts, font color, size, and elastic color.  The 2nd layer is a cotton lining that is water repellant to offer premium protection.  

The mask is to be worn around the ears and come with toggles to tighten or loosen.  The elastic that goes around ears is soft and light and very comfortable. 

Monogrammed masks will ship in 3 business days.  Upon receiving, please wash in hot water and you can air dry flat or hang.  Wash as often as needed.

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