Educators Clear Mask

The Educator's Mask is a mask of MANY revisions to get the perfect size, shape, and comfort.  It has a comfortable cloth band that contours softly around the nose and the flexible plastic cups the face gently to provide optimum protection for the wearer. 

The flexible clear plastic is fog free.  To eliminate any condensation, it is recommended to wipe the inside of mask with dawn detergent.  This keeps the view of your mouth clear.  Voice projection is crisper when wear a clear mask.  

To wash, you can wash with hot sudsy water in the sink and sit out to dry or wash in the dishwasher.  

There is a cord clamp on the elastic to adjust the fit and comfort perfectly.  The elastic can be worn behind hair line at base of neck or around the back of head.  When not wearing, you can drop around neck until it is needed again.

The Educator's Mask will ship within 2 business days.   

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