Educators Clear Mask

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~Choose to have elastic run above ears and behind neck OR loop around the ears
~Adjustable straps to fit any size face
~Stays comfortably in place on face and fits all face shapes and sizes
~Great for people who wear glasses! won't fog up glasses
~Large window for 180 degree view
~Absorbent cloth at nose and chin, contours to the face
~Lightweight and comfortable fit
~Washable in sink or top rack dishwasher safe
~Anti Fog polyester material
~Ships within 24 hours
~Made in the USA!

As a mother of a child with learning differences, I knew my son who struggles in phonics would really be at a disadvantage if his teachers were wearing a cloth mask this fall. My child is sweet and sensitive and wants to please his teachers - so to see his teacher smile at him is HUGE.

When searching for a solution for teachers needing a clear mask for the classroom, I was disappointed. The ones off Amazon I ordered with the clear window would not fit on my face and when adjusted – my mouth was no longer in view. The clear mask needed to be adjustable to fit many different sized faces, not fog up, and have a big clear window, and be re-usable.

The Educator Mask is a great solution for teachers and students! The washable masks feature a large size window so that the entire class can see the mouth of the teacher. They have less fabric on the mask (which I feel is a lot less scary looking) and they have anti-fog treatment to both sides of the clear mask.

The Educator Mask is the solution for educators and students! The clear mask should be worn while welcoming your classroom at the start of the day, during instructional lessons and at the close of the day (smiles in lieu of hugs).

There are 2 style options.  The first style features a single band of elastic that runs over ears and under the hairline.  The second style features elastic that loops around ears.

The adult clear mask 4.5 inches tall and 7inches in width.  The child's mask 3.25 inches tall and 6 inches in width.

The clear portion of the mask is a structured and pliable polyester. The fabric is a cotton linen blend. The masks are sewn securely, and are durable and washable. I am proud to say our clear masks are Made in America.

You will receive an email when we ship that will have a tracking number.  Shipping time will vary with your choice of shipping method. 

If you would like to purchase the masks at wholesale pricing, please go to

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