Wholesale - School or Business Spirit Masks (50 count/$20 each)

A breathable AND protective mask in the right size for your face is hard to find.  When wearing a poor fitting mask, it is not only uncomfortable but will not provide the same protection.  To accommodate all sized heads, we offer 4 sizes.  Adult (for men and women), Adult small (small adult heads, teens, and preteens), Child (2nd grade to 6-7th grade) and Small Childs (age 4-6).

There is a cord clamp on the elastic to adjust the fit and comfort perfectly.

Masks are made with a white cotton fabric liner that has a water-repellant treatment.  It is a very breathable and protective fabric.  The outer layer can be a school spirit color of your choice in a cotton poplin which is a tighter woven cotton than the traditional quilting cottons and knits. 

After purchase, a sample will be made for approval within 24 hours.  The order of 50 masks will follow.  Wholesale mask orders will deliver in 5-10 business days depending on size of order. 

50 monogrammed masks are $20/each - $1000.  Suggested retail price for your spirit store is $32 to $35 per mask.

Wash in hot water and you can air dry flat or hang.  Wash as often as needed.

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