Filati Boucle Blazer

The Filati Boucle is absolutely stunning and unique in its own.  Vibrant shades of kelly green, yellow, orange, bright blue, lavender hot pink and white marry into a webb of beauty.  Made in France, the workmanship in this fabric is seen from the back side of the fabric where the weave securely keeps all the vertical and horizontal fibers in place giving it durability.  It is a statement blazer to enjoy for decades.  From March to October, this will be the one garment you look for an opportunity to wear. 

You can pair this with any shade solid skirt or pant for a dressy look.  Pair with its coordinating skirt is compete the channel-esk skirt-suit ensemble that women would dream to wear.  For an eclectic fun look, pair with your favorite denim.

The Filati Boucle is a cotton, poly, viscose blend and is dry clean only.

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