Mojave Yellow Pique

Years ago we carried a bright yellow, beige and white brocade that looked dynamite on EVERYONE...yes, yellow on everyone.  All the customers who had sworn off yellow were shocked to hold the fabric against their skin and pleased to see how good it looked on them.  Pale, freckly, pink toned, red toned, olive toned, it didn't matter.  On top of that, they loved how easy it was to pair with navy, black, brown, taupe, tan, white, denim.  When I saw this, I HAD to have it for our spring line-up.

It is a cotton pique, so it is a classic spring/summer cotton.  It is soft, yet crisp with great stretch.  Therefore, it will make up in all the styles that we offer nicely.  

It is fully lined with a silky white lining.  Wash at home on cold gentle cycle and hang dry.  Iron if needed.

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