The Novelty Boucle Collection

Historically inspired by the heathers and gorses of the Scottish hillside, our Boucle Collection is distinctive and unique in all possible ways.  The colorful tweeds have been coordinated with luxurious crepes, creating a collection of fabrics suitable for any occasion.  These timeless novelty boucle fabrics will take you from the office to a wedding.  The interchangeable pieces provides the ultimate capsule wardrobe for the business professional on the go.

Skirt Suits are $1795, Skirts are $595, Jackets are $1295.

There is a slight price difference when purchasing a suit rather than a-la-carte.  The pieces worn separately are extremely versatile and can be mixed and matched into your wardrobe.  

Our Sales Process is preferably in person.  However, if you have previously purchased a Sevier Skirt we can make an exception.  Call Suzanne at 615-504-8785 and she will guide you through how we can ensure perfect fit the "Stitch-It Way".

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